Music Lessons on the Internet, What will they think of Next?

Ok, the Internet has brought lots of great things in the past 20 years, and lots of crap also, but it continues to amaze us old farts here at Syndenham.  It has recently been brought to our attention that you can now connect with music instructors over skype, watch prerecorded lessons for free on youtube, and join communities that teach music and music education online, exclusively.  Sounds kind of nuts to us old folk who remember going for piano lessons every saturday at Old Lady McKlellans house.

The Magic of Video

It’s true, as goes with the rise of “massive open online courses”, online education has become a huge industry, with monsters like Harvard and MIT investing in venture research farms like to gather data on how people take online courses.  The education doesn’t stop at classic bachelor’s degrees or master degrees, it now reaches sectors like Do-It-Yourself home improvement, learning a new language, or, as is the subject of this article, learning to play a musical instrument.

It makes sense, when you think about it, that music lessons of some kind could be prerecorded.  This probably was a thing back in the old analog days of VHS tapes, but it just didn’t catch on.  In any event, we just came across a site called Shredkick and the offer reviews of various online guitar lesson sites and services.  It’s pretty good, for what it is.  It isn’t the end all-be all of music education, but it is decent little site that can provide a good center for resources that are pretty handy.  Check it out here:

Youtube is a big provider of these guitar lesson videos, and many of them are perfectly fine for beginners or even moderates.  We’ve found that the more advanced you get, the more useless they become.  Better off going for more organized lessons, like ones shredkick talks about.  It’s really kind of amazing.  Guitar instructor in a box.  I’m getting old.

Nothing like the Real Thing

It’s true that there is nothing like the real thing.  With online education of all types, it doesn’t beat having a real life instructor to guide you and bounce questions of off.  Chances are a balanced approach to learning music will get you the best results, with some time dedicated to one approach, some time dedicated to another approach, and some time going it at it alone.

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